Overwhelmed when it comes building your business?



When I first got started 8 years ago I hired a seasoned photographer to help me jumpstart my business and it was the BEST decision I made. Years worth of essential business building information in just a few months.

I can help you learn how to get started, how to work with clients, and most importantly how to get families coming back year after year! Let me help you build the photography business without all the guesswork!

Whether you're just getting started or have been at it for a few years and need to scale your operation, attract new customers or take your work to the next level, I've got you! We can focus in one area or create a custom package that covers what you need most.


Client Communication

Communication Workflow


Portfolio Building


Business strategy

Goal setting

Staying organized


Email Marketing

Social Media




Word of Mouth


Your Ideal Client


Finding Locations

Client Experience

Understanding Your Camera - the Basics

Shooting/Session Flow

Posing and Unposing Techniques


Editing/Delivering a Collection

Portfolio Review

You are in the right place if...

You hope to turn your passion of photography into a business but you’re overwhelmed about where to get started and what is needed to create a professional business.

You understand the trust families put in their photographers. You want to not only give your clients great images, but a wonderful experience and build relationships that bring clients back year after year.

But wait, isn’t the market saturated? Aren't there too many photographers? There is room for you, your art and your unique approach!


Alison Cogswell Photography

I was interested in starting my own photography business but had no idea where to begin, then I found Caitie. She provided everything I could possibly imagine to help me start a successful business. Caitie walked me through every step, from the bigger things (choosing the right camera, posing ideas, editing software) down to the nitty gritty (contracts, permits, taxes). The information I gleaned from her mentorship would have taken me years to collect on my own! I honestly believe that if Caitie hadn’t taken me as a mentee, I would have never gotten my feet off the ground. After working with Caitie I had my photography business up and running in a matter of months. I can say with complete conviction that I owe my photography business success to the mentorship I had with Caitie. 

Not only is Caitie knowledgeable and professional, she is personable, kind, friendly, and caring. She makes the lessons feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend. If you’re thinking about starting a photography business do not hesitate to hire Caitie for a mentorship. You won’t regret it.